“Cell, Blackberry, instant messanger, wireless, blog, podcast, download, mp3”

-These are the key words to describe technology and communication in today’s society.

Owen Bradley, from “The Digital Music Educator,” had many great points in regards to technology in conjunction with the classroom. Technology can be great in many ways-for communication, information, classroom additives, entertainment, etc. However, it can also be overwhelming and in some cases, when it just does not work, can hinder learning or progress. It must be realized that technology needs to be an additive to teaching and learning-not a replacement for learning. Some students, including myself, much prefer an “old-fashioned” pen and paper for notetaking, while others prefer a keyboard and wordprocessor. Also, a variety of teaching tools and methods should be used throughout the classroom. These should include technology, but also methods of discussion, lecture, hands-on learning, etc.

Our generation is generally very “technological savvy.” However, most of our parents, or student’s parents, are not at the same “technological caliber” per say. There is an evident technological divide that must be addressed and considered. My parents, for example, sometimes get overwhelmed with simple short-cut computer commands. I am always being asked to “slow down” and “show them again” the keys that I pressed or the code that I typed.

I agree that introducing technology to a classroom or parent group should be done in moderation and step by step. Start with an e-mail list. I think that this is especially great, if the numbers of e-mail users (which should be generally high) are largely the majority of parents. Parental involvement is vital to any area of a students education and life. The more teacher-parent interaction, the more involvement and at least understanding of what is going on will take place. Once a technological foundation is built, additions of a website, blog site, podcast, wiki, etc., can be tried. Just remember, moderation is KEY!

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For more information regarding Owen Bradley’s article or “The Digital Music Educator,” visit: http://www.mustech.net/2007/03/music-education-and-technology-a-realists-approach/


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